HELIOS is a software suite that describes the passage of radiation through an exoplanetary atmosphere, including the calculation of synthetic spectra. It includes a solver of the radiative transfer equation (HELIOS), an ultra-fast tool to compute the opacity function of the atmosphere via k-distribution tables (HELIOS-K) and an atmospheric retrieval code (HELIOS-R).

The source code is available for you on GitHub to download and contribute to our project: HELIOS

HELIOS-K released (ultrafast opacity calculator)

  • Posted on: 12 March 2015
  • By: heng

We have just released our initial version of HELIOS-K, which is an ultrafast opacity calculator that takes a line list as an input and computes the line shapes of an arbitrary number of spectral lines (~millions to billions). HELIOS-K is capable of computing 100,000 spectral lines in 1 second, orders of magnitude faster than most other codes on the market.