EEG Journal Club: CO2 absorption line shape

Last Thursday (23/04/2015) during journal club we reviewed the work from M. Takagi et. al. 2009 entitled “Influence of CO2 line profiles on radiative and radiative‐convective equilibrium states of the Venus lower atmosphere” [1]. In this work the authors developed a radiative-convective model to explore mainly the impact of different CO2 line shapes suggested in the literature on the radiative-convective temperature profile of the Venus lower atmosphere. The CO2 absorption line shape is still poorly understood. It is known that these lines are sub-lorentzians far from the line centre but their parameterisation is still undetermined. The results were shown to be very sensitive to initial assumptions. We also discussed what would be the impact of poorly parameterised line shapes on exoplanet studies where there is no observational data to calibrate the models.

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